About AMM

June 2, 2017

Bootsy Collins - Photo by Chris HortonMusic marketing has changed. It’s amazing that we have so many means to spread the word about concerts and events, but that it’s done so ineffectively to the point where bands and events struggle to find an audience.

Decades ago, in Atlanta, we had massive music conferences like SLABFest, Atlantis Music Festivals and Jack the Rapper conventions.  All of which have disappeared leaving a massive marketing black hole in their place where local bands and artists had nowhere to turn.  Enter Atlanta Music Marketing.

We’ve established fantastic avenues to market and promote your events, concerts, or even full calendars for venues. Offering a full suite of promotional and marketing services, the goal of Atlanta Music Marketing is to boost the awareness of music and events to help promote the arts and breathe life back into Atlanta and beyond.

View our full list of services which includes TV commercials, social media outreach, radio promotion, and even onsite services such as concert photography and recordings.

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