Atlanta Music Marketing is a marketing juggernaut for musicians, artists and special events. Let’s face it, music marketing has changed. While we now have a wealth of options to spread the word about concerts and events, it’s filled with inefficiencies and spread thin across the web, which equates to bands and special occasions still struggling to find an audience.

Enter Atlanta Music Marketing.

Our offerings include concert photography, artist interviews, social media blasts, digital advertising, and the world-renowned mothership Funkatopia that regularly drew the attention of the legendary Prince on multiple occasions. The last of which happened less than one week before he left us.

Bootsy Collins - Photo by Chris Horton

Funkatopia also provides a worldwide online radio station that broadcasts around the globe showcasing established and new music artists by pushing promotional efforts including exclusive artist interviews,  new music promotion,  reviews, and social media blasts. Funkatopia also has airwaves that reach listeners all over the world via the FUNKEDUP mobile app for Android and I-Phone.

We’ve established fantastic avenues to market and unrivaled means to promote your events and concerts. We even boast full contact lists for venues and service providers that are backed by decades of experience from both sides of the stage and polished by trial and error.

We offer a full suite of promotional and marketing services with the goal of Atlanta Music Marketing being to boost the awareness of music and events by promoting the arts and breathing life back into music industry throughout the Southeastern region and beyond.

Do not hesitate to contact us.