Artist Interviews

June 2, 2017

Through our partnership with, we can supply online interviews to help promote music release and events. Funkatopia reaches tens of thousands of viewers every month and Funkatopia’s host Mr. Christopher has interviewed some incredible musicians asking questions that people are dying to know.

Mr. Christopher has interviewed music greats like Thomas Dolby, Prince protege Tamar Davis, Wang Chung (both Nick Feldman and Jack Hues), tons of modern funk bands including Orgone, Space Orphan, Federation Of The Disco Pimp, FunkJazz Kafe founder Jason Orr, Electrophazz, Analog Son, and many Prince and Paisley Park family including Liv Warfield, Elisa Fiorillo (Love Machine), Shelby J, Andy Allo, and so many more.

We can interview your band or artists that you are representing and help promote your music and artists via strategic social media blasts. They can be constructed using simply audio (visit our Thomas Dolby interview here), showcase an entire Skype interview or we can construct an entire video using the audio, photos and video clips.  Here’s a huge sampling of some of the many interviews performed by Funkatopia;

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